Squawk Code

Monitoring real time squawk code

What is this squawk code?

Any Airplane has transponder, this transponder sends the four-digit squawk code and aircraft altitude to air traffic control. The code should always be 1200, unless another code is assigned by ATC. However, if there is an emergency squawk 7500 for hijack, 7600 for communication failure or 7700 for emergency.

when i got one of these following code :

7500 Hijacking

7600 Voice radio failure

7700 Mayday or emergency

I will post on my Twitter account with attached the map where is that airplane in that moment and the all other info.

Also with same code i can also monitoring any ICAO (it is a unique code the identify any airplane all around the world) for example on the screen shot below i monitoring took off and landing of the Elon Mush airplane.

Elon Musk took off
Elon Musk Landing

github code click here

Thanks to Jack Sweeney to inspire me for this project