Poke GPT

ChatGPT Telegram Bot

PokeGPT is a ChatGPT bot on Telegram, an OpenAI-based service. Besides that, PokeGPT can do many things including intricate text generation.

Lets begin setting the bot up on Telegram:

  1. On your mobile, visit the link below:
  2. On the chat screen, tap on the “Start” button to be welcomed by PokeGPT.
  3. And its all done! You can begin chatting away with PokeGPT instantly without any delay. Speaking of delay, the Telegram bot responds almost instantly. However, PokeGPT comes with 100,000 token free messages per month.

VERY IMPORTANT: The PokeGPT bot is designed to respond to each message independently, without taking into account previous conversations. Therefore, each message is processed separately, and the response you get does not depend on previous conversations with the bot.

Try it out to quickly get ChatGPT on Telegram.